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How Rotary e-club Ukraine meetings are hosted

Rotary e-club Ukraine meetings are hosted on our website in the Member Area. To respect the privacy of e-Club members, the Member Area is protected from public view. 

Our official meeting is weekly on Tuesday at 1 p.m. (EET). This time our club secretary posts material for weekly discussion. Members may access the site at their convenience at any point during the week. We discuss the item business through our Fellowship Forum. All posts are open to the members hence every member can see what others have contributed. Additionally the discussions between members could be provide through videoconferencing, software messaging, social media etc.

Although our Rotary e-Club meet weekly and conduct business online, the members from the same city do meet in person at various times throughout the year at service projects. Also we provide an opportunity for all our members to meet face-to-face once a year at an event prior to the Rotary International Convention.

For non-members we provide the special make-ups program.

How to do a make-up