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Grand Prix children's collective "Watercolor"

Grand Prix children's collective «Watercolor» in the TV project «Zirkafest»

Each project Rotary - this one's destiny, history and smile. Rotary is always there ... One of the ministries of Rotary - a social orientation, development and support talented children. One such example is a project in the city Slovyansk. And we'd like to share a wonderful children's collective history.

The story begins in the School of Arts Slovyansk. In this city live, learn, grow and talented kids from dancing group "Watercolor". 2014, for the city Slovyansk and for the whole Ukraine, brought a lot of grief, destruction and tears. But nevertheless, found the strength, patience and desire to head the School of Arts Annа Bubka to the development team. April 24, 2015 in the city Kiev the TV project "Zirkafest", which went to a children's group "Watercolor". TV project "Zirkafest" - a race participants determine the winner. Estimates Statement of the jury, composed of Ukrainian pop stars, leading experts in the field of culture and education of children and teenagers, patronage festival artists. This year, the Chairman of the Jury of the TV project "Zirkafest" was invited to a wonderful opera singer from Canada - Stephanie. It was a serious, complicated festival for our talented kids, but they are not lost and always rehearsed his speech, believing in victory. "To fight and to seek, to find and not to give up" - this can formulate the motto of this team. And they won! Got the main Grand Prix! Joy and pride knew no bounds. What they have done!

Where is Rotary? Rotarians and Rotaract Slovyansk, Kyiv, Rotary e-club Ukraine helped organize the trip, meals and tours of the city Kyiv to give children the opportunity to see the capital, to feel joy and a break from the serious event . We did it together!

Congratulates staff with decent prize and wish new creative heights!

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