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For us – members of Rotary e-Club of Ukraine – each project is, first of all, somebody’s life, smiles and happiness. Rotary principal motto which became the life motto of each and every Rotarian – Service Above Self. Hence, any project regardless of its scale, duration or budget stays in every Rotarian memory forever as an important event.

Rotary e-Club of Ukraine mini-project was presented during the e-Club’s Charter Ceremony. Charter President Mykola Steblyanko made a presentation of the project “Fundraising for the benefit of talented pupils at the Arts School in Sloviansk”. The project pursues the goal of equipping a multimedia room for the school pupils in cooperation with the local Rotarian. The multimedia room will allow the pupils developing their skills in graphic art, photo art, design and other modern technologies. The Ceremony guests took an active part in fundraising activity which resulted in the total raised amount of 8236 UAH, 101 USD and 2 Euros. All funds raised were given to the mentioned beneficiary – Sloviansk Arts School.

It was just the beginning. The fundraiser was followed by the charity auction organized due to the joint efforts of RC Kyiv, RC Sloviansk, RC Simferopol Taurica, RC Cherkassy Centre, RC Kyiv-City, RC Kyiv-Sofia, RC Lviv as well as Rotary ICC Ukraine – France. As lots for the auction there were presented pictures by the pupils of Sloviansk Arts School; the amount of raised funds exceeded 10 000 UAH.

“It wasn’t long ago when members of RC Sloviansk restored broken by the artillery shells windows, raised money to restore the school’s roof and thought only of how to survive, now the situation has changed and it seems that “the season of wonders” is about to break out at its full”, - says Oleksiy Kuleshov, RC Sloviansk.

The raised funds were used to purchase projector and screen for the school. These are the first steps made to contribute to the talented children’s great future who will master new skills and develop personally and professionally with greater perseverance.

Wish them luck!