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In January 2015 Rotary e-Club of Ukraine fulfilled the project to benefit «Humanitarian Mission Headquarters of «Internally Displaced People Affairs Committee» Ltd. located in Kyiv that is maintained solely due to support of volunteers and people who care.

Humanitarian Mission Headquarters organize entertainment and learning sessions for children from families displaced from Crimea and Donbass region.

There’s a range of activities available for children: free visits to Kyiv theatres, Water Museum, Planetarium, city tours, horse riding, excursions to Sofia Kyivska reserve (St. Sofia Cathedral) etc.

A special attention is paid to carrying out workshops on various crafts in different historical places. For example, in the Pavlo Tychyna Apartment Museum; during the New Year holidays in the territory of Sofia Kyivska reserve, in the Book Museum (the territory of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra) there was held a workshop festival followed by the performances of children artistic groups with participation of the renowned Ukrainian singer Oleg Skyprka. Children get a mighty moral and material support.

Members of Rotary e-Club of Ukraine made a decision to purchase stationary and other necessary supplies for the workshops. It was the best reward to see the faces of children who hand-made a mobile phone case in the first workshop using the provided supplies. This workshop led by the coordinator Yana Yanovska was held in the territory of Sofia Kyivska reserve.

This project is an example of what impact a little but heartfelt support can have for the bigger good deed, an example of making a difference.

We’d like to wish the young craftsmen new achievements and many smiles to shine in their faces making the world a better place to live!