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Humanitarian assistance from Denmark











Rotary e-Club Ukraine and RC Kyiv-City jointly received and distributed humanitarian assistance for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) they patronize.

This assistance came from the Friends of Ukraine in Denmark, in particular from the organization "Help Ukrainian Children", headed by Oleksandra Yhnatyk-Eriksen.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who took part in the organization of this project:

  • - to Jesper Lindholt (RC Kyiv Multinational) – for the offer to join the project;
  • - to Tatyana Kvachova (RC Kyiv Multinational) – for the support with filing applications, arrangements, coordination and reporting;
  • - to Olga Kuhar (RC Kyiv- City) – for arranging issues with reception and distribution of the goods among IDPs, as well as reporting;
  • - to volunteers of the Charity Fund “Svoi” (Center for IDPs on Frolivska 9/11, Oksana Suhorukova, Valeriy and others) – for customs clearance, storage, transporting and loading/unloading;
  • - to Oksana Ermishina, Yana Yanivska, Tetyana and others (Humanitarian Headquarters NGO “Committee on the IDPs” – for the organization of assistance distribution directly to IDPs who needed it most.
  • As a result of our joint efforts 60 boxes with cloths and footwear were distributed directly to the places of compact settlement of IDPs in the Kyiv suburbs – Kotsubinske, Pushcha Vodytsya and others.

    In this project Rotary clubs and NGOs one more time proved their ability to do good deeds by joint efforts!

    Together we are a powerful force!