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Support of talent

When tough times come there arises such a strong desire to isolate yourself from the destroying evil, to find a cozy shelter, where harmony reigns and you feel secured…. For David Valuyskiy from Slovyansk (Donetsk region) music plays the role of this shelter. Now he can hear music and play it himself due to the successful operations on restoration of hearing he lost when he was a child. But, unfortunately, he has been deprived if this spiritual “refuge”.

David’s family had to leave their hometown immediately as a result of unleashed armed actions in the region. When they came back to Slovyansk David faced the bad news: his instrument, playing which he found the spiritual harmony and calmness, was totally destroyed. Family’s financial status doesn’t allow purchase of the instrument. The cost of the instrument is about 17000 UAH.

We appeal to all those who would like to make a donation and help in purchase of an instrument for the talented boy granting him a chance to further develop his musical skills and spread the harmony to others by means of music.

Electric piano model that was destroyed - KURZWEIL MARK PRO TWO I SR

The David's letter

The project is finished.

Thanks for your participation!